31 & 32 Week update


Pregnancy Brain has begun to take over my life. Day by day I am becoming more forgetful and confused. I am placing things in the strangest places and missing appointments because I am convinced that they were an hour later only to check my calendar and find out that I was wrong. My latest blunder to place on Monday. I spent the entire morning waiting in anticipation to go to a scan at the hospital. (Ok I spent the whole weekend obsessing over it with excitement). I couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of by little bear. I reminded my husband several times at which time he should fetch me for the appointment. I couldn’t think of anything else for the whole morning. Lunch time came and I started to get ready for the appointment. My husband arrived home and soon we were off to the scan. We went to announce our arrival by the reception only to find out that we were an entire month early for the scan. I was majorly disappointed and quite embarrassed to say the least.

Today I went in to the doctor for a general pregnancy check up, all went well. I was so happy that she did a quick scan so I was able to get a glimpse of my little boy. I am looking forward to the longer scan at the hospital next month. During the scan I found out that he is beginning to position himself for birth. He is now lying head down and will stay that way until birth, which is not to far away now. There is only 8 weeks left until his due date. He is getting bigger and heavier by the day, I am beginning to feel his weight when I am standing for long periods of time. He is slowly putting strain on my back. He is also starting to disturb my sleep more and more. Last night when I was just comfortable and ready to fall asleep, he decided that it would be a good idea to stretch his legs out against my ribs. So I got up for a few minutes and walked around to encourage him to move in a different position. I must say that this really helped. I love being pregnant and feeling my little boy inside of be, but slowly it feels as if the space is running out. I can’t wait to meet my little boy and see his face for the first time.

It seems like I am only able to make the updates every two weeks, if you are lucky maybe I will get it right to have an update next week.

Wishing you all a wonderful day. 

29 & 30 Weeks Update

IMG_2907The past two weeks have yet again flown by very quickly. And has definitely been marked by fatigue due to lack of sleep. It has been hard to motivate myself to do anything because all I feel like doing at the moment is sleeping since I am beginning to struggle to sleep at night. A typically night for me at the moment looks like this: I go to bed around 10pm then wake up at between 00:30 and 01:30, this is the first bathroom trip then because I am up I have the need to drink half a glass of milk. This usually helps me to sleep again. After about 30min I am finally back asleep. Then at 03:30/04:00 I wake up again for the bathroom, by this time I am feel like I am starving and will die without food, so I waddle over to the kitchen to find food. (In the middle of the night my belly seems to feel 100 times heavier than in the day). I usually make myself a piece of toast or find a yoghurt out the fridge. And now because I have eaten I am wide awake, so I am normally up for about an 30min-1 hour. Finally I am back asleep and manage to sleep till 06:00 which is when I have to pee and eat yet again. Then depending on how tired I am I will either stay up or go back to sleep for another hour or so. Throughout the day I am tired and take a few short naps. Besides my need to eat and pee throughout the night I also struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep in so I am constantly rearranging my pillow fort.

Besides being sleep deprived at the moment I am really enjoying to feel my little boy grow inside of me. I am able to feel every movement now which is amazing. I love to sit and watch my belly and watch the movements of his little legs and feet which I am now able to see from the outside. I wonder if I will be able to see the actual shape of his hands and feet in a couple weeks.

According to my pregnancy apps my baby bear now at 30 weeks is measuring 39-40cm and weighing somewhere between 1kg-1.7kg. I do think its possible that he is weighing more than that has he was weighing close to 1,5kgs a few weeks ago when they worked out his weight at the hospital. Besides my struggles with sleep I am really enjoying being pregnant. It is so wonderful to feel this little life growing inside of me. Over the past week I have felt all his movements and squirms, which are now actually visible from outside my belly. I love to stare down at my belly and watch the movements of its little legs and feet. I wonder if I will be able to see his little hand of foot shape in a couple weeks.

Over this last weekend a small group of friends through me a baby shower, which was very sweet as it is not something that is typically done here in Switzerland. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed it very much. As one of the activities they drew on my belly, which to my surprise felt a little ticklish.

Hopefully I will manage to make an update next week.

My life is not about me.

This Morning while spending time with God I listened to the song Lead me to the Cross by Hillsong. While listening to it I was reminded of Mark 8:34 and was deeply challenged. I was reminded that my life is not about me. It is not even about my husband or my little boy. My life belongs to God and it is about bringing Him glory. Loving, caring and serving my family is a way of bringing glory to God because it is the calling he has placed on my life. Daily I need to remember to put God first and that ultimately my life is not about me.

Drawing Project: Day 4

Today I haven’t been feeling so well, think I may be coming down with a cold. I have slept for most of the day. The thought of doing a drawing was not something that excited me. So I quickly did a rough sketch in pen. Of a deer. I think he looks like how I feel today. Not my best work, but it expresses my mood quite well. Hope after a good nights sleep I will be feeling a bit better tomorrow.


28 Weeks

This past week has been quit busy as far as pregnancy is concerned. I actually had so many things in mind to share in this update, but unfortunately I seemed to have forgotten most of them. I definitely need to be writing my thoughts down more often. Over the past week we had a trip to the hospital where we found out that our little boy now weighs over 1,2kgs; I attended my first birth preparation class; and experienced many of the wonderful joys of being pregnant. I am so excited about the little life growing within me. Several times over the past week like usual I woke up in the night to pee, but had a hard time falling asleep again, as I was enjoying to feel the little movements and squirms of my boy. I was filled with so much excitement about his coming arrival that sleep seemed impossible. Also during this past wee we finally hung up the art work I have down for his room, so it is now close to complete. I look forward to becoming a mother and find myself reading more and more about child care and parenting.

Pregnancy Quote that I found on google, not sure of original site.

Hospital Trip

Early Friday morning I started to experience painful cramps. Up to this point in my pregnancy I haven’t experienced any cramps. These cramps lasted the entire day. By lunch time I was starting to wonder if the cramps I was experiencing was normal as I wasn’t sure how to tell if what I was feeling was normal or not. So I called into the hospital to ask if it is something I should be concerned about. The lady I spoke to  suggested that I come in so that could run some tests just to be sure that everything was fine. So after lunch my husband collected me and off we went to the hospital. When we arrived I was attached to a machine which monitored our baby’s heart rate and movement. The machine also measured if the pain I was feeling was contractions or not. Luckily the pain I was feeling was not contractions. I loved that we could listen to our little boy’s heart beat for 30min. It was such a beautiful sound. At one point I actually started to giggle a little to myself because my little bear was moving so much in me that I found it funny.

While attached to these monitors I had to drink a lot of water so that they would be able to test my urine afterwards to make sure that there wasn’t any other problem causing the cramping. I was very happy to hear afterwards that my pee came back clear since I have had several urine infections during this pregnancy. Next I was sent for scans. We had a scan done and were glad to see that our little boy is looking healthy, he is so much bigger than the last time we saw him in a scan. I couldn’t believe the growth that has taken place and all the details we were able to see.

So after finding out that everything was fine with our little boy and that I have a healthy pregnancy the doctor prescribed magnesium which is supposed to help my muscles relax. I have been taking it for a few days and have noticed that it is being to help with the cramping. I think that my little boy must be doing a lot of growing at the moment, I am so happy that he is healthy.

Birth Preparation Class

Last night I attended my first birth prep class. I got ready in a bit of a rush and then was stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. We really didn’t anticipate for there to be traffic. I began to stress as I really don’t like to be late, although I have recently learnt to relax a little about time. When I arrived he class had just started, all the women were already sitting on the floor with a pregnancy pillow wrapped around them to be comfortable. Although it was a bit of an interesting start, it was wonderful to meet a group of ladies who are in the same phase of pregnancy. It was wonderful to hear their stories how they are experiencing their pregnancy so far. The class was in German so this require a lot of concentration on my part. I was very happy that I could understand and follow for most of the class and glad that the other women knew enough english to understand me. I look forward to learning more about birth and what to expect on the day that we will meet our little boy for the first time. There are five more evenings of this course, my husband will attend the last two evenings with. I think I am most excited about those evenings and experiencing it with him.

Looking forward to what this next week of pregnancy will bring.

Drawing Project: Day 3


A very quick sketch done in my Visual Diaryfrom an excerise out of “The Art of Pencil Drawing” by Walter Foster. I think I spent a total of 30min on this sketch. I didn’t have much time to draw in much detail. Maybe I will come back to it at a later stage, but for now I am happy with it. I am glad that I didn’t struggle to much with proportions in this drawing, it’s not perfect but I am glad that after just a few days of drawing excercises my eye is again able to pick up detail and proportions better. 

I am quick excited as this evening I will be attending the first evening of the birth prep course that I will be going to over the next couple of week. Tomorrow I will write a pregnancy up date and share how the first evening at the course went.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Drawing Project: Day 2

Still Life of Toy Sheep

 This morning I decided to do a few drawing excerises. I started off by doing a rough still life sketch in pen. 
Next I did a blind contour drawing of the toy sheep.

I analyze my drawing as you can see my the notes I wrote down.

Next I started to do a detailed drawing in pencil of the toy sheep.

I took a few photos of the developing drawing. It is definitely quite interesting to draw something so fluffy, I much prefer drawing people.


Doodle #2


Just a quick doodle I did while relaxing in bed. Thinking of trying something similar using s compass to get the lines straight. But at the moment I will keep in in mind as an idea for the future.

Drawing Project: Day 1


I woke up this morning and realized that it has been too long since I spent time drawing. So I decided to do a rough sketch of a tiger in charcoal. While drawing I realized that I am very much out of practice and definitely need to spend more time developing my drawing technique. I found myself struggling to capture details that were once so easy. I also realized that I really need to invest in better quality pencils are the ones I have aren’t nice to work with. 
So I have decided to start a new Project. I plan to do aleast one drawing a day Monday through to Friday. As a result you will soon be seeing a lot more drawings. Hopeful you will be able to see improvement in my drawings as I hope to once again reach I high quality of drawing. I am quite excited about it as it feels like a little adventure. Hopeful I will be able to keep up with this project of mine.



Today I had a moment where I just felt like relaxing and doodling. So I took out my visual diary, a box of crayons and just drew. I didn’t really have a plan, this picture is what I ended up with. While is high school I would often do something similar while in class as a way of keeping my hands busy so that I could concentrate. When I doodle I often end up drawing flowers and butterflies. Probably because that’s what I drew the most when I was a child and can drew them without much concentration and thought. I guess I would have to admit that I love flowers at butterflies as you may have noticed I have done a few painting of both. Feeling totally relaxed now.