29 & 30 Weeks Update

IMG_2907The past two weeks have yet again flown by very quickly. And has definitely been marked by fatigue due to lack of sleep. It has been hard to motivate myself to do anything because all I feel like doing at the moment is sleeping since I am beginning to struggle to sleep at night. A typically night for me at the moment looks like this: I go to bed around 10pm then wake up at between 00:30 and 01:30, this is the first bathroom trip then because I am up I have the need to drink half a glass of milk. This usually helps me to sleep again. After about 30min I am finally back asleep. Then at 03:30/04:00 I wake up again for the bathroom, by this time I am feel like I am starving and will die without food, so I waddle over to the kitchen to find food. (In the middle of the night my belly seems to feel 100 times heavier than in the day). I usually make myself a piece of toast or find a yoghurt out the fridge. And now because I have eaten I am wide awake, so I am normally up for about an 30min-1 hour. Finally I am back asleep and manage to sleep till 06:00 which is when I have to pee and eat yet again. Then depending on how tired I am I will either stay up or go back to sleep for another hour or so. Throughout the day I am tired and take a few short naps. Besides my need to eat and pee throughout the night I also struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep in so I am constantly rearranging my pillow fort.

Besides being sleep deprived at the moment I am really enjoying to feel my little boy grow inside of me. I am able to feel every movement now which is amazing. I love to sit and watch my belly and watch the movements of his little legs and feet which I am now able to see from the outside. I wonder if I will be able to see the actual shape of his hands and feet in a couple weeks.

According to my pregnancy apps my baby bear now at 30 weeks is measuring 39-40cm and weighing somewhere between 1kg-1.7kg. I do think its possible that he is weighing more than that has he was weighing close to 1,5kgs a few weeks ago when they worked out his weight at the hospital. Besides my struggles with sleep I am really enjoying being pregnant. It is so wonderful to feel this little life growing inside of me. Over the past week I have felt all his movements and squirms, which are now actually visible from outside my belly. I love to stare down at my belly and watch the movements of its little legs and feet. I wonder if I will be able to see his little hand of foot shape in a couple weeks.

Over this last weekend a small group of friends through me a baby shower, which was very sweet as it is not something that is typically done here in Switzerland. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed it very much. As one of the activities they drew on my belly, which to my surprise felt a little ticklish.

Hopefully I will manage to make an update next week.