Doodle #2


Just a quick doodle I did while relaxing in bed. Thinking of trying something similar using s compass to get the lines straight. But at the moment I will keep in in mind as an idea for the future.




Today I had a moment where I just felt like relaxing and doodling. So I took out my visual diary, a box of crayons and just drew. I didn’t really have a plan, this picture is what I ended up with. While is high school I would often do something similar while in class as a way of keeping my hands busy so that I could concentrate. When I doodle I often end up drawing flowers and butterflies. Probably because that’s what I drew the most when I was a child and can drew them without much concentration and thought. I guess I would have to admit that I love flowers at butterflies as you may have noticed I have done a few painting of both. Feeling totally relaxed now.