Drawing Project: Day 4

Today I haven’t been feeling so well, think I may be coming down with a cold. I have slept for most of the day. The thought of doing a drawing was not something that excited me. So I quickly did a rough sketch in pen. Of a deer. I think he looks like how I feel today. Not my best work, but it expresses my mood quite well. Hope after a good nights sleep I will be feeling a bit better tomorrow.



Drawing Project: Day 3


A very quick sketch done in my Visual Diaryfrom an excerise out of “The Art of Pencil Drawing” by Walter Foster. I think I spent a total of 30min on this sketch. I didn’t have much time to draw in much detail. Maybe I will come back to it at a later stage, but for now I am happy with it. I am glad that I didn’t struggle to much with proportions in this drawing, it’s not perfect but I am glad that after just a few days of drawing excercises my eye is again able to pick up detail and proportions better. 

I am quick excited as this evening I will be attending the first evening of the birth prep course that I will be going to over the next couple of week. Tomorrow I will write a pregnancy up date and share how the first evening at the course went.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Drawing Project: Day 2

Still Life of Toy Sheep

 This morning I decided to do a few drawing excerises. I started off by doing a rough still life sketch in pen. 
Next I did a blind contour drawing of the toy sheep.

I analyze my drawing as you can see my the notes I wrote down.

Next I started to do a detailed drawing in pencil of the toy sheep.

I took a few photos of the developing drawing. It is definitely quite interesting to draw something so fluffy, I much prefer drawing people.


Drawing Project: Day 1


I woke up this morning and realized that it has been too long since I spent time drawing. So I decided to do a rough sketch of a tiger in charcoal. While drawing I realized that I am very much out of practice and definitely need to spend more time developing my drawing technique. I found myself struggling to capture details that were once so easy. I also realized that I really need to invest in better quality pencils are the ones I have aren’t nice to work with. 
So I have decided to start a new Project. I plan to do aleast one drawing a day Monday through to Friday. As a result you will soon be seeing a lot more drawings. Hopeful you will be able to see improvement in my drawings as I hope to once again reach I high quality of drawing. I am quite excited about it as it feels like a little adventure. Hopeful I will be able to keep up with this project of mine.