Born with the Desire to Create

Girl with Drip

I was born with a deep desire to create and do art. I often find myself in the middle of the night with the burning desire to get up to draw or paint. I remember that from a very young age I that I loved to spend time being creative. In pre-school I was crazy about figure painting and drawing. When I grew older at school I was filled with excited when were given creative writing assignments. I loved to create stories to share and make people smile. As I grew older I had a deep desire to draw and paint. But in the teenage years I was afraid that people would not appreciate my art and so I decided not to put too much effort in. ¬†I was afraid that people would make fun of my artwork. Grade 10 came with the opportunity to choose elective subjects for the last 3 years of school. Visual art was a subject that I longed to do but due to fear I signed but for physical science instead. However after three weeks I started losing my mind. I was upset that I was stuck in science while my other class mates enjoyed art. so I decided to take a bold step and transferred to the visual art class. It was one of the best decisions that I had made during my time at high school. The first year I was remained fearful. Until we had a new teacher who challenged and inspired me to further discover and develop my talent. So I set out to create my first realistic drawing. I was amazed by what I was able to draw. (Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this drawing.) I then did a series of art works that spoke into my life personally. Above is one of the drawings I did during this stage of my life in 2009. I apologize for the quality of the photo, I am not a very experienced photographer and was even worse then. ¬†Through this series of art works I discover that I have a voice in art and that I could make an impact using it. I knew that God had blessed me with this talent of creativity. I am still not entirely sure why God blessed me with this talent. I guess that you could say I am on a journey of discovery at the moment. I try to take the lead from God and create art pieces that are inspired by what I feel He puts on my heart.