Doodle #2


Just a quick doodle I did while relaxing in bed. Thinking of trying something similar using s compass to get the lines straight. But at the moment I will keep in in mind as an idea for the future.


Drawing Project: Day 1


I woke up this morning and realized that it has been too long since I spent time drawing. So I decided to do a rough sketch of a tiger in charcoal. While drawing I realized that I am very much out of practice and definitely need to spend more time developing my drawing technique. I found myself struggling to capture details that were once so easy. I also realized that I really need to invest in better quality pencils are the ones I have aren’t nice to work with. 
So I have decided to start a new Project. I plan to do aleast one drawing a day Monday through to Friday. As a result you will soon be seeing a lot more drawings. Hopeful you will be able to see improvement in my drawings as I hope to once again reach I high quality of drawing. I am quite excited about it as it feels like a little adventure. Hopeful I will be able to keep up with this project of mine.



Today I had a moment where I just felt like relaxing and doodling. So I took out my visual diary, a box of crayons and just drew. I didn’t really have a plan, this picture is what I ended up with. While is high school I would often do something similar while in class as a way of keeping my hands busy so that I could concentrate. When I doodle I often end up drawing flowers and butterflies. Probably because that’s what I drew the most when I was a child and can drew them without much concentration and thought. I guess I would have to admit that I love flowers at butterflies as you may have noticed I have done a few painting of both. Feeling totally relaxed now.

Psalm 8

This Morning I read through Psalm 8 and was touched by it. It overwhelmed me that God would choose us human beings to watch over His creation. That He would choose me to do this will here on earth. God’s creation is truly wonderful and beautiful. Which means that we are too because we are created by God in His image (Gen 1:26).  I am amazed that God would chose to use me in His will. I am not perfect and I am marked by sin. Yet He has chosen to forgive me and use me. 

Weeks 26&27

  I am now in my 27th week of pregnancy. Time as been going so fast. According to my many pregnant apps my baby bear is somewhere between 850g-1kg. I have begun to wonder how big he will be when he is born. I was a small baby, however his father was a larger baby. For some reason I hav a feeling that he will be on the larger side and am preparing myself for a big boy.
Over the past two weeks I have had quite a few slightly painful kick and jabs. I feel like he has moved slightly higher in my belly since I am feeling a little more movement there. He has been extremely active this week, several times I was able to see movements from outside of my belly. He even allowed his daddy to feel him kick for the first time last week, it was definitely a very special moment. I am really enjoying to feel my little man move around inside of me. Last week I went for the sugar testing and was very happy to be given a good result. I must say that it was very difficult for me not to eat breakfast before going. 


I have began to think more and more about birth, as there is only 13 weeks left. Time has definitely passed by very quickly. This week I experienced Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time. It took me completely by surprise.  It didn’t last too long, although I did find myself breathing quite strangely. It went away as soon as I changed positions. I must say that I am glad to have some idea of what labour will feel like as it is something that I have been thinking about. I was actually worried that I wouldn’t be able to recognize if I was in labour, which now seems like a rather ridiculous thought.
I am wondering when I should put a hospital bag together, as it is commonly suggested to have it packed early in the event obaby arrives earlier than expected. Which wouldn’t surprise me since I am not completely convinced that the due date is accurate, however at the same time this is not something that worries me too much.

Butterfly & Dreams

Blue Butterfly

I spent my day painting this butterfly. I enjoyed it so much that I thought maybe somebody would like to buy it. I then wondered off in my thoughts dreaming about the idea of selling my art work. I would love to be a full time artist working from home one day while my children are at school. At the moment this is just a dream, not sure if anyone would actually be interested in buying my art work. I will keep dreaming and painting, who knows maybe one day I will actually be selling my artwork.


25 Weeks & Nursery Art

25 Weeks Today

Today I am officially 25 weeks Pregnant. My little boy is growing by leaps and bounds at the moment. This week has gone by very quickly and has had a few wonderful pregnancy moments in between some overwhelming emotions (thanks to pregnancy hormones). This week I have been able to feel more consistent movements from my baby and I have noticed that some of them are in reaction to sounds, voices and music. On one evening this week I decided that I was in desperate need to take a long relaxing bath to desires.  I lit some rented candles and put on a Hillsong baby CD that we bought for our little boy. It is an instrumental CD of some worship songs that I enjoy. While sitting in the bath I decided that I would sing along to the one of my favourite songs, in response I felt my little boy moving.I was amazed and filled with so much joy as this was the first time I felt him move in response to my voice. I proceeded to laugh and then tell him about how wonderful God is and all that he is done in my life. I know he can’t yet understand what I am telling him, but I am sure he enjoyed to listen to my voice. Teaching him about God is something that I greatly look forward to. I pray that he to would have a close relationship with God. I  can’t wait to watch him discover God and fall in love with Him.

Nursery Art

After finding about about my little bear I started planning and coming up with ideas for his nursery. The nursery is by no means finished although some of the furniture is set up and I have finally finished the art pieces for the room.

I decided that I wanted to make a set of three paintings that would be displayed beside one another. So after much thought I decided that the middle one should be a scripture verse which is meaningful and that will speak over his life. I chose the scripture from Luke 1:80 which states “and the child grew and became strong in spirit”. This scripture speaks of Jesus growing up, my prayer is that my little boy would love Jesus with all his heart and aspire to be like Jesus, that he too will become strong in the Holy Spirit as he grows up. I then decided that I wanted to make the other two paintings of animals since I don’t want a specific theme for the room and wanted it to be artwork that he would probably enjoy to look at over the next few years. So I decided on painting an elephant and a lion as they are both animals that for me represent strength.

In the future once the nursery is complete I will do a reveal and show you where I have chosen to hang these pieces in the room. So keep an eye open for this.